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A smart contract is a digital self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among differing, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. This is possible as they render transactions traceable, transparent and unopposable, guaranteeing for the whole ecosystem without centralised intervention.


Blockchain technology is part of a decentralised platform that support ‘true’ peer-to-peer connections without the mediation of centralised powers.

Modern technology allows people to communicate directly. Voice and video calls, emails, pictures, and instant messages travel straight away from A to B, maintaining trust between individuals no matter how far they are. When it comes to money and digital assets in general, people are forced to trust a third party in order to complete a transaction. Blockchain technology is radically challenging this by using cryptography, providing an open decentralised database of every transaction involving value, money, goods, property or even votes and by creating a record, whose authenticity can be verified by the entire community.

The Platform: About


Investing in the Future

In this era of Crypto Economy disruption, a new concept has been introduced, called tokenization. So, what do we mean when we say tokenization of Business models and assets is going to be a big thing in the future? Let’s start with a simple definition: Tokenization means converting rights linked to an asset into a digital token running on a Blockchain.

So what can we Tokenize?

Blockchain technology has the power to change many business models because of its transparent, immutable, and distributed features. Similarly to the way bitcoin is reshaping the financial panorama, tokenization of assets on the blockchain can make investing in assets such as stocks and real estate more convenient and efficient. However, by using the concept of fractional ownership investing in a solar plant with a group of people may be a solution to liquidity and transparency, thanks to trust guaranteed by Blockchain.


The system will be based on an innovative hybrid approach featuring both a Private/Permissioned (Hyper-ledger Fabric) and Public (Etherum) Blockchain, linked together by a bridge with will convey and transform business logic from private to public and vice-versa. 


The public blockchain will be in charge of the so-called "tokenomics", i.e. it will be used to issue tokens that are exchangeable on the current investment circuits, as well as purchasable through bank-enabled payment gateways using FIAT money. Using a public blockchain will ensure that well-established procedures and standard measures are in place when coining and transferring "money", while keeping the process as transparent and unbiased as possible. 


A private blockchain will take care of the "real" business logic (i.e. all blockchain-biased business logic which is not directly related to tokens). Using a Private/Permissioned blockchain which allows the platform to strictly identify who has access to specific parts of the platform itself, and precisely define what can and can't be done within the debt collection process; while at the same time guaranteeing that there is no central control that could abuse its power. 


The current debt collection process mainly takes place through manual control logics by specialized personnel. The tools used in the process are paper archives and e-mail communications; and in some cases or where it is necessary by legislation. (e.g. PEC in Italy)


Making the process certified in order to extend the interest to subjects, (Investors rather than Sellers) that to date have no "trust" elements other than direct interpersonal contact with process managers.


Making the current process as automated as possible without impacting its flow. 

       - Speed up procedures 

- Simplify activities 


Turn the credit sale to investors immediately and securely, enabling them to manage their portfolios in a simple, fast, transparent and constraints free way.

To learn more about our platform or if you are interested in getting in touch with us for business and consultations please don't hesitate to contact us. One of the members of our team will take care of you. 

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